Just Keep Walking, Girl

The more I connect with and coach women, I'm finding that there's an undercurrent moving swiftly beneath the surface that sometimes we don't even recognize within ourselves.

Some would say its social media and the stare-y compare-y that goes with it...beautiful pics of beautiful lives, neat and clean...perfectly groomed children, meanwhile my kid was over here shoving crayons in their ears and breaking the tips off, true story by the way...no names will be mentioned to protect the innocent...hahaha...this didn't help my inferiority complex to say the least.

Others may suggest it's the entire self help industry urging that the be-all-end-all answer is to better ourselves....which leaves us feeling like theres always more work to do, on top of the overwhelming workload that we already have....mind you, this is the pool that i live to swim in, but at times, give pause to ease up on my pace.

Seriously, what happens when you take a look at your life and it feels like every area is a shit show...or at least an area that matters the most....how do you measure up?

How do you feel happy when it feels like things are falling apart or maybe its better to say, you're struggling to hold it all together...maybe you're struggling in your marriage, a child may be battling their own demons and you feel powerless....i could keep going here...(Ive been here too, Girlfriend)

All of this is to say...don't forget to remember...

Right here, right now, where ever you are, it's exactly where you're supposed to be. Know that you good enough right now. You are strong enough right now and you are smart enough right now.

And with all your enoughness, you will learn the lessons that are meant for you.

Somedays you're going to feel like you're walking the path barefoot where every single fucking step feels intensely painful.

And other days, even though you're in the thick of it, you'e going to look up...feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the possibilities that are in front of you will be endless.

No matter where you are, just keep walking, Girl.

You are doing just fine.

You will be just fine