What if You're Meant to Go Through All of This to be Who You're Meant to Be?

Ever have someone say something that takes you to a place in time that you forgot all about?

Last week i spoke to an amazing group of people about anxiety. We talked about what it is, how it affects us, strategies to move through it and how we can use that energy that is within us for good.

After the talk, the participants had filled out their evaluations saying that what they liked most was my enthusiasm (so so humbling..i never thought of this talk that way, ever)

It took me right back to 20 years ago, when i was curled up on a therapists couch, crippled by panic attacks and anxiety and i thought...imagine if you could go sit beside that terrified girl in your leather pants with your arm around her and say...."don't worry, Girlfriend...all of this scary shit right here is going to make you super strong, resilient and so ready for all the greatness that is to come to you....you'll be enthusiastically talking about all this shit.... fear of dying, fear of being awake, fear of being alone, fear of making any move....all of it will fade away and you...you and these babies are going to be more than okay..in fact, you'll share this story to help others."


Never in my wildest dreams could i imagine that i would get through that, let alone talk about it.

Out Loud.

In front of other people.

I was too ashamed and busy hiding it.

So if you struggle with anxiety, panic, depression any of it....there's a part of you that can and will take you through this...just keep going...it may feel hard right now, but you can do this. Someday you too, will meet this stronger, courageous side of you. But the only way through it, is through it...trust, that they'll be there waiting for you on the other side, wearing leather pants...hahahaha...its so worth it♥