Don Mustapha

 OwnerCrossbox International

Caryl has been an active member of my fitness center for the past four years. Caryl always brings a positive mindset into the facility and members gravitate to her insight and her coaching skills. She has successfully coached me through numerous business and personal scenarios always offering an objective, clear, solution. I highly recommend her coaching services for both business and professional issues.

Ani Vong

Owner, Humanity Boutique

"You're a warrior." Is what Caryl said to me on the last day of our workshop. It was almost as if she'd been living in my body my whole life. I am a fighter. I may-for a bit, allow challenges and obstacles to kick me down but soon after I get right back up and push forward. 

The See Yourself to Success workshop forced me to take a real good look at my life. I work better visually. Seeing the breakdown of steps written on paper really helped me focus on all aspects of my life to become successful. I definitely have grown and learned so much in just five weeks. I learned about my strengths. I learned about being aware of poor habits and how to turn them into positive ones. Then my mood and attitude will change for the day. I learned that it is up to me to make a change instantly. Most importantly, I learned what type of story I want to tell myself. My eyes has been more opened and I am being more mindful of my everyday attitude and decisions. Thank you Caryl. These techniques and tools will stay with me for a lifetime.

My first experience with Caryl Mix was when she spoke to more than 100 women in S. Florida at a conference. There are always interesting stories at these types of things, but Caryl stood out. She kept it real and THAT was such a rare quality that it kept the entire room captivated. I took valuable lessons from her topic that I can use every day and I’m forever grateful for this encounter because it opened the door to our professional relationship. Since that time, Caryl has shared insightful and strategic thoughts that have helped me think through problems in my business and feel more self-assured. If you have the opportunity to hire Caryl as a coach or a speaker, you will be exceptionally rewarded. Caryl – thank you for being you in all things. It is the reason the world loves you.  

Steph Stanford 

Owner, Steph Stanford Speaks Fort Lauderdale, FL

When I sought out Caryl's services, I was at a point in my life where I needed to be heard. Heard by someone who would listen to me, not pass judgement and a person who would ask the right questions to get me thinking so I could overcome my challenges. Talking with Caryl, was without the criticism or judgement. She was and still is very supportive. 


Caryl Mix recently spoke at my Sexy & Self-Made Women's Business Conference 2014 in Florida. Before Caryl presented her talk on “How to Keep Calm in the Midst of the Storm" the room was completely silent. Once she stepped foot on stage she completely transformed and engaged the audience! There were a lot of tears. At points the women were crying from laughing, and others crying because Caryl awakened feelings they did not know they had.  The audience could identify with what she was saying. The women were so intrigued by her useful and POWERFUL tips! She delivered so much useful information that my audience could actually put into action immediately into their life and business. I would without a doubt recommend Caryl as a speaker and expert in her field. Any organization that would like to leave a lasting impression on their audience NEEDS to have Caryl Mix. I will definitely invite Caryl back next year!

April Iannazzone  

a ZONE venture llc

Sexy & Self-Made Women's Business Conference

Thank you so much for guiding us through the Financial Peace University course. We were at a low point in our lives when we started the class and were ready to turn it around. In one year we paid off $42K in debt and fully funded our emergency fund. We had faith, followed the steps, and persevered. It would have been so easy to get frustrated, give up, and stop going to the class. You kept us inspired, gave us hope, and created an environment where we could speak openly. 

Amy & Brian