Are You Running the Long Game or the Short Game?

We are a couple of weeks into the new year and the things we promised to do for ourselves are now starting to collide with our everyday lives and routines.

Maybe we're still feeling good from the new beginnings and some momentum being built....but will it last?

I know for myself, as much as i have a desire to change all the things, the mess from last year is still here. The physical and emotional muck, my crazy, busy life, thats still there too.

It didn't go away.

This has me thinking about how i want to set myself up for the rest of this i in it for the long haul or is this going to be a short run game (again)?

Am i willing to do what it takes to change the habits that are holding me back? (trust me, theres plenty) Am i willing to explore new ways to shift from the space that i have become familiar and comfortable within?

Or will i just try to muscle my way through this, doing the same things I've always done... using hope as the ultimate plan? Which allllways leads me right back to where I was.

Playing the long game says I'm going to learn the tools and strategies needed to crush what I've imagined, dreamed of and created for yourself, EVEN WHEN IT GETS HARD AND UNCOMFORTABLE.

Short game says i'll do the surface stuff, i'll give it a try and when i start to feel uncomfortable, or it's inconvenient, I'll back down.

Long game says I'm going to show up for me, even when its really hard, I'm feeling overwhelmed, its cold AF outside, its early and still dark out, my head hurts, i have an ass ache, I'm hungry and didn't plan or pack my food, the kids need me, my business/work is hopping, my relationship is burning down and I'm scared as hell and don't know what the right, next, best move should be.

There will be times when that happens all at once and if you don't have a plan, then you can plan to fail, Girlfriend...sorry i didn't make this shitty rule don't like it either....hahaha

Great changes don't happen over night, but they sure as hell happen when you fan the desire, create momentum and have solid accountability surrounding you...sharing, guiding and helping you clear the way.

What's it gonna be for you...are you prepared to run the long game this time around?

We'll be right there by your side when you're ready, Sister.

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