When your own excuses just don't work anymore.

Here we are.

The time has come. I'm blogging, mah people (cue up the band and maniacal dancing)

This was such a long time in the making.  Looking back over the last few years, I sometimes wonder, what took me so long to get here? What was the big deal?  And other times, I can see the work that I needed to do within myself and my business to be able to step into this space confidently. 

If I’m being honest, the real answer is most days it was easier to hide. Perfection has a way of grinding everything to a halt sometimes.  Getting caught up in my stories of self-doubt, lack of knowing how to do things and distraction, just reinforced my inaction.  But there comes a time where you can start to see that your own stories just don’t jive anymore.  Enough growth has taken place that you can see right through it all and your own excuses just don’t work anymore.  The time comes where you have to kick all that stuff aside, figure it all out and just get down to doing the work.

So here I am, imperfectly me.  Sharing pieces of my life, my thoughts, inspirations, strategies and tools in hopes of walking beside you in this beautiful, and sometimes messy thing called life.  We're all in this together.

Let’s see where this adventure will take us…shall we?