Find Magic in the Moment

While walking in the mall the other day with my grand daughter dressed up in her “pwincess” costume, she was curiously stopping at each window to check out what was going on. She stopped at this one window with some fancy mannequins and stayed for quite a while. She was enthralled.

There was such a contrast between how tiny she was and how big they seemed.

How fancy they were and how fancy she was (of course she was, she’s a princess…hahaha)

But it had me thinking about the “little me” and big dreams.

When i was little i couldn't wait to grow up.
I just wanted to be grown up. In every way.
I was always in such a rush for the next thing, looking ahead and wishing i was somewhere else or for something "better".

My Mom would say, Caryl....slow down...what’s your rush?

I couldn't wait to stay out later.
I couldn't wait to drive.
I couldn't wait for school to be over.
I couldn't wait until to get a job.
I couldn't wait to do whatever i wanted.


I couldn't wait for my check.
I couldn't wait until i paid this bill, so i could have more money.
I couldn't wait until i paid off this debt, so i could get a bigger house.
I couldn't wait to be married.
I couldn't wait to have more kids.
I couldn't wait until my kids learned or did the next thing.
I couldn't wait until my kids got through the stage i thought was really hard...(if i had only known then those were the easy stages...hahaha)
And so on and so on....

All this looking ahead, had me missing the present moment.
I was missing the magic of all that was right, because i had my eyes on something else.

Thankfully with time and lessons learned, i have slowed down enough to see and feel both sides of this….in doing so it has helped me to value people, places and things so much more, but has also allowed me the awareness needed to slow my roll and enjoy what’s right in front of me in a deeper, more gratifying way.

If there's a part of you that's worrying, lost or looking way ahead, know this....

Dreams and visions, are good and critical....but remember to find joy in pausing long enough to know that there are good things right now too.

Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that you're fancy just the way you are.

Girl, that is owning your queenship.